Hydro Excavating

On Call is your Hydro Excavating specialist. Hydro Excavating is a quick non mechanical removal process. Pressurized water and vacuums remove materials such as soil, ice, clay, sand and other debris while significantly reducing the potential for damage that normal excavation could cause. Our team provides a number of services to industries such as construction, utility, government, transportation, civil and residential.  On Call, located just south of Clearwater BC in the North Thompson Valley. On Call Service Center offers the following services to Clearwater BC and surrounding areas including Barriere, Little Fort, Interlakes, Clearwater, Vavenby, Avola, Blue River, Valemount and surrounding areas.

Hydro Excavating Services Include:

Daylighting Utilities
Uncovering and Exposing underground utilities can require a more delicate approach that only Hydro Excavating can provide. 

Hydro Excavating is a great alternative to traditional excavating when you need to consider special factors such as utilities or other delicate structures.

Sewer Main Flushing
It is important to regularly maintain sewer systems including flushing. Sewer systems should also be flushed periodically after a storm when an unusual amount of debris can clog up the system.

Camera Inspections
Ask On Call today about a camera inspection.

Manhole & Pump Chamber Cleaning
Trust the pros at On Call for cleaning and restoring manholes. Obstructions such as oil, trash, and other build ups are safely and quickly taken care of with Hydro Excavating.