Water Well Installation & Repair

On Call can help you with water well installation and maintenance. Our team deals with with water location, well drilling or digging, submersible/jet pump, pressure tanks and filtration system installations both residentially and commercially. On Call also assists with providing potable water hauling and delivery services. When you need water count on On Call, located just south of Clearwater BC in the North Thompson Valley. On Call Service Center offers services to Clearwater BC and surrounding areas including Barriere, Little Fort, Interlakes, Clearwater, Vavenby, Avola, Blue River, Valemount and surrounding areas.

Water Well Services Include:

Water Locating
On Call employs experience, knowledge of the area as well as traditional methods such as water witching or dowsing to help locate water. Location is an important factor in drilling a well. Not only will you need to know where to drill but also where not to drill such as near septic fields or too close to a structure.

Well Drilling
We provide licensed and experienced water drilling equipment and professional service. Properly drilled and installed wells can last decades ensuring you many years of use. Drilling a deeper well into the water table is necessary when a sustainable source can not be found close to the surface and can be as deep a one thousand feet. Deep wells can be more costly the deeper you need to go. that said, these wells are less likely to have issues with surface contamination or drought. Minerals are more prevalent in deeper wells but things like a water softener can be used to address these issues.

Well Digging
On Call Service Center also provides mechanically excavated shallow wells. Generally shallow wells are applicable when water is found close to the surface. A shallow well is most often considered to be 50 feet deep or less. Shallow wells are typically less costly to install and more accessible for maintenance. Shallow wells carry an higher risk of running dry especially during drought conditions. Shallow wells by definition are closer to the surface and are more exposed to surface contamination. Annual water testing is recommended.

Water Pump Installation
Our team well help determine the best pump for your specific needs including submersible, surface and jet pumps.

Well Maintenance & Repair
On Call facilitates flushing well casings as well as water testing. We replace and repair foot valves, droplines, submersible pumps, jet pumps, pressure tanks and filtration systems for residential and commercial buildings. If you are experiencing issues such as a continually running pump, sink hole, loss in water pressure or dirty drinking water give us a call today!