Tyson Rotzetter, Ron Rotzetter & Marc Rotzetter

It all started in Clearwater with a small business locally known as Peppy’s Cat, owned, and operated by entrepreneur Yvan Rotzetter aka Ron. Once Ron’s kids were old enough to contribute, the kids became a part of Peppy’s Cat. Ron, encouraged by his parents, was building a business you could reach day and night.

When the time came to incorporate the business in October of 2003, Ron’s mother came up with the idea to name the incorporated business “On Call Services” since Ron – and by now crew – were on call 24/7.

As the years went by and the need for trustworthy and dependable contractors in the North Thompson Valley grew, Ron stepped up his game and started looking for gaps within the services provided to the area.

As he still provided the skid-steer and residential renovation services the first big leap of faith was the Heavy-Duty Recovery & Towing division in 2009. Not knowing the first thing about towing, Ron reached out to an industry leading towing program (Wreck Masters) to learn the dos and don’ts of Towing & Recovery.

He always told his kids “there is no such thing as can’t”, he applied this to his own ideas as well and once the Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery was off the ground and starting to do well, Ron realized that following your ideas without giving up, do go hand in hand with achievement.

After the towing business became a success, there was no stopping Ron in adding services.
On Call Services became On Call Service Center.

Today Ron proudly shares the ownership of On Call Service Center with two of his sons.

Tyson Rotzetter, his eldest son, brings to the company 10 plus years of management experience from the Oil, Gas, Road Building and Safety Industry.

Marc Rotzetter, the third eldest of his kids, brings with him 8 years of carpentry experience in residential as well industrial projects.

Being a family owned and operated business, On Call Service Center was able to build a culture where our 40 plus employees are family and we take pride in the success they achieve within our company.

At On Call Services Safety, Quality and Quantity are key and we strive to be the industry leader in all the services we provide.