Slow Down & Move Over at Accident Scenes

accident scene

Most drivers know to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles such as police or ambulance. It is also important we remember to do the same for other roadside workers and emergency personnel such as tow trucks, flaggers, and others working accident scenes.

At On Call Service Center, we do our best to assist those in need and get the roads running smoothly and safely as quickly as possible. Our number one goal is to keep everyone safe, including people involved in an accident, general traffic as well as our own brave team. We all have friends and families we want to return home to. We understand as motorists ourselves it is easy to get complacent, especially with the high number of construction zones and signs reducing the speed we currently have on our roads here in the North Thompson Valley. That said, we urge you to remain vigilant.

Did you know:
230 roadside workers were hit by motor vehicles from 2008 – 2017? Of those 230 workers, 12 people lost their lives. (data based on WorkSafeBC claims)
low to 70km/h when traveling in an 80km/hr or faster area
low to 40km/hr when traveling in a area less than 80km/h
Drivers who fail to slow down can receive a $173 ticket and 3 penalty points, or worse the decision could be fatal.

Please be vigilant and watch for reduced speed signs, accident scene signs, and flashing red, blue, and amber lights. Be aware of all roadside workers which can include maintenance workers, utility workers, police, fire, ambulance, tow trucks, Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement personnel, land surveyors, animal control workers, garbage collectors, and other roadside workers.

On Call Service Center is proud to call the North Thompson home. It is important to remind everyone to drive to road conditions, slow down and move over when necessary, such as at accident scenes. Be patient out there so we can all get home safe. Our team thanks you!