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Septic and Well Installation and Maintenance

On Call Service Center has a Registered Onsite Waste Water Practitioner who has the training and the knowledge required to have an engineered Septic System and drain field fully Installed to the proper specifications. If you have any unforeseen issues with your Septic System or are unsure of proper maintenance we are here to help you find the solutions.

On Call Service Center has a fully equipped Septic Vacuum Truck which enables us to clean out and observe septic tanks to achieve the goal of proper maintenance, and ensure your septic tank and field are operating adequately. On Call Service Center also performs Well Installation, from residential to commercial, we are here for you.

Towing & Traffic Control

On Call Service Center holds a Wreck Master Certification level 6 & 7. We provide a Heavy Duty Wrecker, and Winch Truck that is your Tractor Trailer Unit’s literal connection to a repair facility near you, if you have been in an unfortunate circumstance we will have you hooked and on your way to being back on track promptly and proficiently.

On Call Service Center is able to provide our certified traffic control technicians with first aid certification for accident scenes, road closures, maintenance and repairs.

On Call Service Center also has a labour force for cargo clean up, having these three entities working together from the same service provider makes for a fast and efficient recovery and will have you and your product on their way to their destination.

Construction, Demolition

Our industrious Construction team is readily available for your building needs, big or small. Where construction is concerned the coordination of construction activities through communication are essential in ensuring the project is completed efficiently and successfully.

We also do full Demolition and clean up and can restore any site to its natural surroundings.

All Torq Mechanical Service Center

All Torq Mechanical takes pride and specializes in Tractor Trailer Unit mechanical repair; we also have a mobile service unit to reach you when you are unable to reach us.

We are a Certified Vehicle Inspection Center with a certified Red Seal Mechanic for Tractor Trailer Unit’s.

Hydro-Vac Combo Unit

Our Hydro Vac / Flusher Unit is comprised of equipment which is beneficial to our environment in many different ways. The Unit is used for sewer jetting, locating underground utilities, as well as hydro excavation therefore minimizing environmental disruption, and damages that could occur with conventional excavation technique.


On Call Service Center has Portable Toilets rentals for any occasion, we provide all of the servicing that would be required to maintain a fresh and clean unit.

Ready Mix Concrete

If you are starting from the bottom up we have what you are in need of. Whether it is a slab or foundation, to stairs and driveways, our concrete knowledge will provide you with the proper strength of concrete to withstand the elements of your project. On Call Service Center also offers concrete finishing.


“Off The Hook RV and Storage”. On Call Service Center has secured inside storage rooms as well as outside covered and uncovered storage areas. If you need a place to store your belongings, RV Units, or vehicles we have the space for you.

Some of the other services that we offer are skid steer, excavation as well as aggregate sales, dump trucks, water compaction, dust control, fire suppression, water hauling and hot shot Services.

No job to big or small at On Call we do it all!

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