About Us

Ron started to work construction with his dad in Switzerland as a young boy. His family moved to Canada in 1980 to become dairy farmers in Manitoba. In 1983 the family moved on to Clearwater, BC and settled. A new construction business was established and flourished and throughout the years, as Ron became an adult him and his Dad, Marcel ventured into a limited company; On Call Construction & Contracting was born in 2003. Ron’s Mom, Heidi, came up with the name as for years she experienced first hand the priorities of husband and son, always available and always “on call”.

For years Ron expanded his horizons by adding projects to his resume. Starting with simple renovations, the next challenge was never big enough. Kitchens, foundations, demolitions were added to list followed by bridges, water mains, sewer and construction for residential as well as commercial buildings.

Ron however needed another challenge and once again took the courses to be able to add septic services to his business. With all the services that Ron was able to now offer: Construction, Demo’s & Reno’s, Plumbing, Septic Installation & Pumping, Well Installation, Excavation and Bobcat you may think he was well established, but Ron himself didn’t think so …..

In 2008 Ron had a dream that made him decide to continue doing what he does best but yet add another service, this time he wanted to stick to his slogan and make it real
“AT ON CALL …….. WE DO IT ALL!” He added Heavy Duty Towing and Traffic Control to his business.

This is where we are today. With an awesome crew we will continue doing what we do best …. do it all.